Linear Interpolate Example

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NMSIS DSP Software Library Linear Interpolate Example

Description This example demonstrates usage of linear interpolate modules and fast math modules. Method 1 uses fast math sine function to calculate sine values using cubic interpolation and method 2 uses linear interpolation function and results are compared to reference output. Example shows linear interpolation function can be used to get higher precision compared to fast math sin calculation.

Refer riscv_linear_interp_example_f32.c

Block Diagram:



Variables Description:

  • testInputSin_f32 points to the input values for sine calculation

  • testRefSinOutput32_f32 points to the reference values caculated from sin() matlab function

  • testOutput points to output buffer calculation from cubic interpolation

  • testLinIntOutput points to output buffer calculation from linear interpolation

  • snr1 Signal to noise ratio for reference and cubic interpolation output

  • snr2 Signal to noise ratio for reference and linear interpolation output

NMSIS DSP Software Library Functions Used:

  • riscv_sin_f32()

  • riscv_linear_interp_f32()