Main changes in release V1.0.0-beta1.

  • NMSIS-Core

    • Fix SysTick_Reload implementation

    • Update ECLIC_Register_IRQ implementation to allow handler == NULL

    • Fix MTH offset from 0x8 to 0xB, this will affect function of ECLIC_GetMth and ECLIC_SetMth

    • Fix wrong macro check in cache function

    • Add missing SOC_INT_MAX enum definition in Device template

    • In System_<Device>.c, ECLIC NLBits set to __ECLIC_INTCTLBITS, which means all the bits are for level, no bits for priority


Main changes in release V1.0.0-beta.

  • NMSIS-Core

    • Fix error typedef of CSR_MCAUSE_Type

    • Change CSR_MCACHE_CTL_DE to future value 0x00010000


    • Add macros in riscv_encoding.h: MSTATUS_FS_INITIAL, MSTATUS_FS_CLEAN, MSTATUS_FS_DIRTY

  • Documentation

    • Fix an typo in core_template_intexc.rst

    • Add cross references of Nuclei ISA Spec

    • Update appendix

    • Refines tables and figures


API changes has been maded to system timer.

  • Start from Nuclei N core version 1.4, MSTOP register is renamed to MTIMECTL to provide more features

  • Changes made to NMSIS/Core/core_feature_timer.h

    • MSTOP register name changed to MTIMECTL due to core spec changes

    • SysTimer_SetMstopValue renamed to SysTimer_SetControlValue

    • SysTimer_GetMstopValue renamed to SysTimer_GetControlValue

    • Add SysTimer_Start and SysTimer_Stop to start or stop system timer counter

    • SysTick_Reload function is introduced to reload system timer

    • Macro names started with SysTimer_xxx are changed, please check in the code.

  • Removed unused lines of code in DSP and NN library source code which has unused macros which will not work for RISCV cores.

  • Fix some documentation issues, mainly typos and invalid cross references.


This is the V1.0.0-alpha release of Nuclei MCU Software Interface Standard(NMSIS).

In this release, we have release three main compoments:

  • NMSIS-Core: Standardized API for the Nuclei processor core and peripherals.

  • NMSIS-DSP: DSP library collection optimized for the Nuclei Processors which has RISC-V SIMD instruction set.

  • NMSIS-NN: Efficient neural network library developed to maximize the performance and minimize the memory footprint Nuclei Processors which has RISC-V SIMD instruction set.

We also released totally new Nuclei-SDK which is an SDK implementation based on the NMSIS-Core for Nuclei N/NX evaluation cores running on HummingBird Evaluation Kit.