• This 1.2.0 version will no longer support old gcc 10 verison, and it now only support Nuclei Toolchain 2023.10(gcc13 and clang17) or later. The major changes that can be felt are as follows:

  • The prefix of toolchain has changed from riscv-nuclei-elf- to riscv64-unknown-elf-

  • The -march option has changed a lot, for example:

    • b extension changed to _zba_zbb_zbc_zbs extension,

    • p extension changed to _xxldsp or _xxldspn1x or _xxldspn2x or _xxldspn3x extensions which means stardard DSP extension, Nuclei N1, N2, N3 DSP extensions

    • v extension changed to v or _zve32f or _zve64f extensions according to the riscv cpu isa used

    These extensions need be combined in a certain order to get a correct arch name to match the prebuilt library name, please be cautious

  • The name of libraries changed due to -march in gcc13 updated, for example, the library named libnmsis_nn_rv32imacb.a is now named libnmsis_nn_rv32imac_zba_zbb_zbc_zbs.a since b extension changed to _zba_zbb_zbc_zbs

This is release 1.2.0 version of NMSIS-NN library.

  • Defined NUCLEI_DSP_DEFAULT, NUCLEI_DSP_N1, NUCLEI_DSP_N2, NUCLEI_DSP_N3 in riscv_nn_math_types.h according to gcc options now, no longer define it in cmake files.

  • RVV intrinsic APIs is update to v0.12.0

  • Clean code(nnref lib)


This is release 1.1.1 version of NMSIS-NN library.

  • Sync changes from CMSIS NN v4.1.0

  • Optimized more for RVP/RVV

  • Add support for RV32 Vector

  • Some bugfix that make tflite-micro test successfully


This is release 1.1.0 version of NMSIS-NN library.

  • Sync changes from CMSIS 5.9.0 release

  • Optimized more for RVP/RVV

  • Add experimental support for RV32 Vector


This is release 1.0.3 version of NMSIS-NN library.

  • Update build system for NMSIS-NN library

  • Rename RISCV_VECTOR to RISCV_MATH_VECTOR in header file and source code

  • Using new python script to generate NMSIS-NN library

  • Support Nuclei RISC-V GCC 10.2


This is release 1.0.2 version of NMSIS-NN library.

  • Sync up to CMSIS NN library 3.0.0

  • Initial support for RISC-V vector extension support


This is release V1.0.1 version of NMSIS-DSP library.

  • Both Nuclei RISC-V 32 and 64 bit cores are supported now.

  • Libraries are optimized for RISC-V 32 and 64 bit DSP instructions.

  • The DSP examples are now using Nuclei SDK as running environment.


This is the first version of NMSIS-NN library.

We adapt the CMSIS-NN v1.0.0 library to use RISCV DSP instructions, all the API names now are renamed from arm_xxx to riscv_xxx.