This is release 1.0.2 version of NMSIS-DSP library.

  • Sync up to CMSIS DSP library 1.9.0

  • Adding initial support for RISC-V vector extension support

  • Caution: riscv_math.h is separated into several header files. Extra PrivateInclude folder is included as header folder.


This is release V1.0.1 version of NMSIS-DSP library.

  • Both Nuclei RISC-V 32 and 64 bit cores are supported now.

  • Libraries are optimized for RISC-V 32 and 64 bit DSP instructions.

  • The NN examples are now using Nuclei SDK as running environment.


This is the first version of NMSIS-DSP library.

We adapt the CMSIS-DSP v1.6.0 library to use RISCV DSP instructions, all the API names now are renamed from arm_xxx to riscv_xxx.