1. Overview

1.1. Introduction

The Hummingbirdv2 E203 RISC-V processor core and SoC is developped and opensourced by Nuclei System Technology, the leading RISC-V IP and Solution company based on China Mainland.

It’s an upgraded version of the project Hummingbird E203 maintained in SI-RISCV/e200_opensource, so we called it Hummingbirdv2 E203 (HBirdv2 E203). The system architecture of Hummingbirdv2 E203 is shown in the block diagram below.


Fig. 1.1 System architecture of Hummingbirdv2 E203

In this new verison, we have following updates.

  • Add NICE(Nuclei Instruction Co-unit Extension) for E203 core, so user could create customized HW co-units with E203 core easily.

  • Integrate the APB interface peripherals(GPIO, I2C, UART, SPI, PWM) from PULP Platform into Hummingbirdv2 SoC, these peripherals are implemented in Verilog language, so it’s easy for user to understand.

  • Add new development boards(Nuclei ddr200t and mcu200t) support for Hummingbirdv2 SoC.

Welcome to visit HBird SDK to use software development kit for the Hummingbirdv2 E203.

Welcome to visit Hummingbird Forum to participate in the discussion of the Hummingbirdv2 E203.

Welcome to visit RV MCU Community for more comprehensive information of availiable RISC-V MCU chips and embedded development.

1.2. Hummingbirdv2 E203 Core

About the brief introduction of E203 RISC-V Core, please refer to Hummingbirdv2 E203 Core.

1.3. Hummingbirdv2 SoC Peripherals

About the brief introduction of HBirdv2 SoC peripherals, please refer to Hummingbirdv2 SoC Peripherals.

1.4. Quick Start

The steps about how to run tests in simulation environment and run SW applications in FPGA with HBirdv2 SoC ported, please refer to Quick Start.

1.6. License

HBirdv2 E203 is an opensource project licensed by Apache License 2.0.