Nuclei Eval SoC


Nuclei CPU IP now with iregion feature will use totally new evaluation SoC, this SoC is different from previous Demo SoC, please take care.

Nuclei DemoSoC is now removed in 0.5.0 release, and please use evalsoc now.

Nuclei Eval SoC is an evaluation FPGA SoC from Nuclei for customer to evaluate Nuclei RISC-V Process Core, and it is a successor for Demo SoC.


To easy user to evaluate Nuclei Processor Core, the prototype SoC (called Nuclei Eval SoC) is provided for evaluation purpose.

This prototype SoC includes:

  • Processor Core, it can be Nuclei N class, NX class or UX class Processor Core.

  • On-Chip SRAMs for instruction and data.

  • The SoC buses.

  • The basic peripherals, such as UART, SPI etc.

With this prototype SoC, user can run simulations, map it into the FPGA board, and run with real embedded application examples.

If you want to learn more about this evaluation SoC, please get the <Nuclei_Eval_SoC_Intro.pdf> from Nuclei.

Supported Boards

In Nuclei SDK, we support the following boards based on Nuclei evalsoc SoC, see:


If you want to use this Nuclei evalsoc SoC in Nuclei SDK, you need to set the SOC Makefile variable to evalsoc.

Extra make variables supported only in this SoC:
  • RUNMODE: it is used internally by Nuclei CPU team, used to control ILM/DLM/ICache/DCache enable or disable via make variable, please check SoC/evalsoc/ for details. It is not functional by default, unless you set a non-empty variable to this RUNMODE variable.

# Choose SoC to be evalsoc
# the following command will build application
# using default evalsoc SoC based board
# defined in Build System and application Makefile
make SOC=evalsoc all