1. Overview

This is a handbook for Nuclei Board Labs which is a part of courses in Nuclei University Program. This handbook describes how to develop with Nuclei Development Board through a step-by-step way, it can be used as lab teaching metarials. Anyone interested in Nuclei Processor Cores can also take this handbook as a quick start-up to develop with Nuclei Processor Cores in the field of embedded systems.

The hierarchy of Nuclei Board Labs are shown in the block diagram below.


Fig. 1.1 Hierarchy of Nuclei Board Labs

The labs are developed based on the Nuclei Software Development Kit (Nuclei SDK) which is an open software platform to facilitate the software development of systems based on Nuclei Processor Cores.

In Nuclei SDK, the Nuclei MCU Software Interface Standard (NMSIS) is a vendor-independent hardware abstraction layer for micro-controllers that are based on Nuclei Processor Cores.

This handbook only introduces how to run the applications in Nuclei board labs, if you want to get more details about Nuclei SDK and Nuclei Processor Cores, please click the links in the following table to get the corresponding online docs.

Table 1.1 Online reference documents


Online Docs

Nuclei processor core

Nuclei ISA Spec

Nuclei software library

Nuclei SDK



As different SoCs has different peripherals, so about the details of SoC peripherals, please refer to the specified SoC reference mannual.

This handbook includes a series of labs (more labs will be added in the future), which are roughly classified into two levels:

  • Level 1: Basic Labs

The labs in this level cover the basic topics of Nuclei Development Board. For example, the usage of on-board peripherals, the basic features of Nuclei Processor Cores, and so on.

  • Level 2: Advanced Labs

The labs in this level cover the advanced topics of Nuclei Development Board. For example, basic applications (additional hardware needed), Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), and so on.