NMSIS-NN  Version 1.0.2
NMSIS NN Software Library
nmsis_nn_conv_params Struct Reference

Data Fields

int32_t input_offset
int32_t output_offset
nmsis_nn_tile stride
nmsis_nn_tile padding
nmsis_nn_tile dilation
nmsis_nn_activation activation

Detailed Description

NMSIS-NN object for the convolution layer parameters

Field Documentation

◆ activation

nmsis_nn_activation nmsis_nn_conv_params::activation

◆ dilation

nmsis_nn_tile nmsis_nn_conv_params::dilation

◆ input_offset

int32_t nmsis_nn_conv_params::input_offset

Zero value for the input tensor

◆ output_offset

int32_t nmsis_nn_conv_params::output_offset

Zero value for the output tensor

◆ padding

nmsis_nn_tile nmsis_nn_conv_params::padding

◆ stride

nmsis_nn_tile nmsis_nn_conv_params::stride