NMSIS-NN  Version 1.0.1
NMSIS NN Software Library
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Convolutional Neural Network Example
 Gated Recurrent Unit Example
 Neural Network FunctionsThese functions perform basic operations for neural network layers
 Neural Network Activation FunctionsPerform activation layers, including ReLU (Rectified Linear Unit), sigmoid and tanh
 Neural Network Convolution FunctionsPerform convolution layer
 Fully-connected Layer FunctionsPerform fully-connected layer
 Neural Network Pooling FunctionsPerform pooling functions, including max pooling and average pooling
 Softmax FunctionsEXP(2) based softmax function
 Neural Network Data Conversion FunctionsPerform data type conversion in-between neural network operations
 Basic Math Functions for Neural Network ComputationBasic Math Functions for Neural Network Computation